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Riptide Technology is a dynamic software and web development company, which strives to provide our customers with custom-fit solutions to suit their unique business needs and budgets. In addition to custom development, we provide a wide range of technology-oriented support services, such as domain registration, web hosting and graphic design.

    Company presence and clients
  • 2008

    Founded in Bloemfontein, South Africa

  • 2009

    15 completed and ongoing development projects.

  • 2010

    Established a presence in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

  • 2016

    45 completed and ongoing development projects.

    More than 60 hosting and re-seller clients.



Is your domain available? Use the box below to see if the domain name for your website is available.


So what's this domain business?

Think of your domain as your calling card on the web. It’s the way you or your company will come to be known on the Internet. It’s the www to your physical address. It provides you with a web address to put on your business card and impress your clients with an email address ending in the name if your company. In short, it’s your global web identity!
What else do I need?

Your domain is like a vacant plot of undeveloped land. In order to get the most of it, you need a hosting package - which will allow you to make your web site available online. Contact us regarding our R70.00 per month hosting package by clicking here.

If you already have a domain name and are hosting your web site with another company, we can transfer your domain and hosting to one of our servers free of charge!
Which domain type should I register?

If you want to make sure that people from your home country know your’re from there as well, a domain type specific to a country is the one you're looking for. is the high-level domain for South Africa, but other countries, such as New Zealand have different high level domains, like If you want to create a web site for a business, you might want to register a .com. Organisations may wish to register a .org or knowledge bases a .net. Whichever one you choose serves to inform your clients as to who you are and what you do. Remember, you're not limited to just one! If you have a company in South Africa, you might want to register both a and a .com...both names can point to the same web site.

Each domain type has different pricing associated, which frequently changes. For an up to date quotation, make use of our Contact Us feature and let us know what you require.

Having a registered domain is only the first step to your web presence. A domain name provides you with the opportunity to get your web site hosted. The act of hosting is what actually puts your web site online so that it may be accessed using your registered domain name.

Simple right?

So why do you need to pay a monthly fee for this? To host a web service you require specific computer hardware and software and someone to manage the device and ensure that your web site remains on air!

Remember, your hosting includes more than just an on-line presence; it includes your on-line identity through domain branded email addresses and the ability to create on-line databases.

So what are you waiting for?

Click here to sign up for one of our affordable hosting packages.
Riptide Technology R70 per month unlimited hosting!

  No limit on the amount of network traffic to and from your site.*
  No limit to the number of email accounts associated with your site.*
  No limit to the amount of disk space used by your site.*

Our servers support the following technologies and hosting services

*This offer is subject to the Riptide Technology Hosting Terms and Conditions and our Hosting Acceptable Use Policy.

Do you want to start your own business? Riptide Technology Reseller Structure Pointing to the Client as a Reseller
Become a hosting reseller

Reslling our hosting packages is a great way for you to earn a passive income, while building your own client base. Our reseller packages carry a base fee of R150.00 per month, which includes one free hosting package, which you can use to set up your own web site*. Each subsequent client only costs you a further R33.00 per month.

If you're ready to start your journey towards building your own Internet-based empire, please make use of our Contact Us feature and allow us to help build your future.
Riptide Technology R300 per Month Hosting Reseller Package

*This offer is subject to the Riptide Technology Hosting Reseller Terms and Conditions.

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